• A highly experienced textile professional leads this team. Organized quality processes with strict control at every stage ensures satisfactory raw materials and sampling, bulk production and packaging before leading to final inspection.
  • Any potential issues are identified well in advance of bulk production using risk analysis. Pre-production meetings and pilot runs.
  • Every batch of fabric is checked before cutting for stability, shrinkage, color and light fastness, pilling composition, color matching etc.
  • In-line inspection: Carry out regular inspections during the production process to ensure that any initial problems have been rectified, also to ensure that the required quality standards are maintain during production.
  • Final Random Inspection (FRI): Carrying our random inspections at the end of production with the international (AQL) inspection standards. The detailed physical inspection of the random sample selected is also in accordance with the specification of the buyers and include criteria such as design/style, accessories, appearance, making, labeling, materials, assortments, workmanship, measurement, packing etc.
  • Lab test: Should customer require it, we undertake responsibility for material lab tests by 3rd party like SGS, BV or ITS.

Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI)

Hasina Sourcing is acutely conscious of its responsibility towards Industry, the environment and society and our social initiatives range across education, charities and ethical trading.

Trading Issues

All products are developed with strict consideration for environment in mind. Minimum employment age by the Company is 18 years. We follow ethical practices in all facets of our business. All aspects of our associated factories are comprehensively evaluated to ensure social and legal compliance. Any potential issues are identified and our compliance personnel instigate corrective action plans whose implementation is closely monitored. We have a complete Social Compliance Manual which is issued to all of our vendors.

Social Issues

Hasina Sourcing believes in giving back to society, especially to those organizations which aid the wider population of our country, and we are a regular donor of a non-political, non-profitable, completely humanitarian organization here and its exclusive mission is to help the poor to be self- reliant, act as stipend for deserving students and provide free medical service for poor people in remote areas.